Letter of invitation

It is not a fooling, It is genocide!

As of April 1, 2017, the Chinese government began systematic detentions in East Turkestan. Since 2014, the internment camps have been established on huge grounds, and they are not different from II. World War Nazi camps. As a matter of fact, a significant amount of the population of East Turkestan, according to Chinese sources, is 8 million, have been separated from their family and isolated in these camps. Internment camps have turned into centers of genocide, where the most violations of rights in the world are committed. Factories built as integrated into internment camps, where killing, torture, rape, brainwashing and medical-biological experiments are carried out. In these factories millions of people are also used as slave workers. Children whose families are taken to internment camps are raised as Chinese by being brainwashed in children’s camps that look like boarding schools and orphanages. Chinese officers are placed in the homes of men who were taken to the internment camps. They stay here with the family, and privacy is disregarded. Houses are monitored with QR systems and all areas are monitored by cameras with face recognition systems. Even the slightest doubt is enough to take people into internment camps!

April 1 is the fourth anniversary of this systematic atrocity. For four years, East Turkestan has been turned into a hell, and people’s life security has been completely destroyed. The countries of the world, especially the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, recognize violations of rights committed as genocide, and many councils of countries continue to work for the declaration of genocide. Stopping the genocide as soon as possible has become a duty of existence for all humanity.

As human rights defenders, we decided to hold a series of activities on April 1, 2021 to draw attention to the genocide in East Turkestan, where the most serious crimes against humanity have been committed after the II. World War. 75 Signs of Religious Extremism and terrorist labels declared by the Chinese government attract attention as medieval practices that humanity does not want to remember, rather than the modern world. When we share what happened in East Turkestan, people cannot imagine it, have difficulty in understanding it and come to the conclusion that this could only be a bad fooling. Unfortunately, what has happened is unacceptable and this is a violation of even the most natural human rights. In this context, we will organize our activities on April 1, which is remembered differently in the world as the “April Fool’s Day”. Under the title of It is not a fooling, It is Genocide, we will call the whole world to close the internment camps, which have the characteristics of official buildings of the genocide.

We invite our stakeholders, who are respectful and sensitive to human rights, to participate in our activities with the same sensitivity both through social media and in our actions, and to do a work unique to today, even individually. The event will be held on April 1 to cover the entire world. It is aimed to have the same content, slogans and visuals and to set an agenda. After performing an activity that you do even alone, sharing your images with us will be very important in the sense that these events are held all over the world, a common attitude is taken against Chinese persecution, and it covers the whole world. Our aim is to make events that the scream of East Turkestan can be heard from Istanbul, London, Alma Ata, Rome, Vienna, Islamabad, New York, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Jerusalem, Moscow, and wherever we can reach. So much so that only one person with an East Turkestan mask on his face and a banner in his hand should just stand or walk on a street, but be a part of the action.

Activities we will do:

Holding conferences, holding a photo exhibition, distributing brochures, marching in protest, issuing a press release, projecting visuals depicting the persecution in East Turkestan on buildings or walls, conducting TT work with the same hashtag, being in the news, making programs on TV,  preparing special videos and clips for April 1…

E-Mail                   Phone:                  Website: NOTE: Your feedback is very important for us regarding which of the above activities you can do and what contributions you can make. Because all activities to be held on April 1 will be sent to international institutions and organizations such as the UN and AP, OIC, etc. with their visuals and reports. By doing so it is aimed to reflect reactions around the world, and to constitute a strong international public opinion for the closure of the camps. For this reason, it is important how many places and how many different activities are performed.